Visual Studio was reporting an error: Name cannot begin with the ‘<‘ character, hexadecimal value 0x3C. CeeContext.edmx line 69 But when I expected the line in question I couldn’t see anything wrong. When I ran an XML validator over the file it was OK. I eventually realised that the problem was the remains of a […]

 edit 01/12/2014:

I just got an email from my Dad, who is currently enjoying a cruise around the Red Sea: “Because we are going through dangerous seas we have to take precautions against the parrots. We had a special drill where we all had to sit outside our cabins (or stay inside, if you have an inside […]

as user tobyd commented on the Guardian Website “Makes you wonder what the point is of even trying to engage in the political system. If you vote for a mainstream party they’ll just break their promises. If you’re involved in a trade union or pressure group the government will shut down your campaigning. If you […]

Because I keep forgetting… UPDATE Customers SET    Customers.OrderAmount = ORDER.Amount FROM   dbo.Customers INNER JOIN dbo.Orders   ON Customers.CustomerID = Orders.CustomerID GO And an Insert: INSERT INTO [dbo].[webpages_UsersInRoles]([UserId],[RoleId]) Select dbo.UserProfile.UserId,15 FROM dbo.webpages_UsersInRoles INNER JOIN dbo.UserProfile ON dbo.webpages_UsersInRoles.UserId = dbo.UserProfile.UserId WHERE (dbo.UserProfile.UserType = 2) GO